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A view of COVID 2021

Covid has had a major impact on everything, including how we deliver results for our clients.

Despite being locked in at home our consultants are using every digital technique to measure and monitor in order to give our clients good advice. It is amazing what can be accomplished with smartphones, good apps and deep experience.

We have been helping NI Water navigate towards lower energy use, Invest NI clients improve their businesses’ sustainability, Zero Waste Scotland clients make energy savings, RHI customers navigate the world of Ofgem audits and a wide variety of other client schemes.

What we most look forward to is being able to carry out client site visits again and meeting in person as Zoom, Teams and Skype have limitations!

RHI – report imminent

So it is the end of January 2020 and the RHI Coghlan report is expected next month.
It is an odd situation that with the publication and massive sales of “Burned” by Sam McBride, a lot of the material presented at the Coghlan Inquiry has not only been broadcast through live streaming but has also been pored over by Sam’s avid readers.
In light of this we expect the report to not pull any punches.

I am reminded of the last exchange between Judge Coghlan and Alastair Nicol:

“The Chairman: Yes. Mr Nicol, thank you very much. It’s, if I may say so, refreshing,
because I think, and I’m always subject to correction, you are probably the first qualified
expert who has given evidence, and your evidence covers a period from two months or so
after the introduction of this scheme. Not many other experts, if any, have come before us
to give evidence so far about that, so that is why I say it’s refreshing and we’re very grateful.
May I just say that the bruising from banging your head against the wall has improved very
much. [Laughter.]

RHI – The debacle

So now we still await the Coughlan report.
The process has been very unflattering for the renewable energy industry and it will be a long time before public faith in subsidised energy sources will recover. If you have not yet read “Burned” by Sam McBride it is highly recommended. Ali has a mention in the book which highlights how we provided professional, impartial advice which was also demonstrated when he appeared at the inquiry.

It is vital that future policies are developed which prevent gaming and exploitation of over-generous subsidy regimes and there is a high probability that some form of capital subsidy may re-emerge despite the inflationary impact this always has on the cost of hardware. History shows that the Renewable Obligation scheme had an inflationary impact on hardware prices.