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Element Consultants are experienced UK-based multi-disciplinary professional engineers specialising in reducing the consumption of energy and water and reducing waste whilst preserving the environment. We have carried out extensive audits on industrial efficiency and apply techniques of process optimisation to reduce industrial energy burdens.

We have an ESOS Lead Assessor and have worked with a number of large businesses on their ESOS accreditation where we have helped them achieve accreditation in an economically efficient way.

Our reports sometimes recommend and specify the adoption of low-carbon (often renewable) replacement energy sources to displace less efficient energy sources but we try to avoid this step for subsidy reasons alone. The solution should be viable on a long-term basis.

We also specialise in Health & Safety compliant operating procedures in biomass plants in particular. We have acted as expert witnesses in incidents involving large biomass boilers.

We have extensive knowledge of the water utility sector through direct experience.

We have a team of experienced industry experts who have carried out a number of research projects to inform policy.

We also have detailed expertise in understanding the sensitive balance between planning policies, renewable energy technologies, the wishes of local communities and the pressing need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

We work in all parts of the UK and overseas.

Our core ethos is provide expert, impartial and independent advice.

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